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Our vision is wealth creation and alleviation of poverty through self sustenance. We aim to reduce joblessness by aiding current and potential Ugu farmers to produce massively and earn handsomely

Ugu (Fluted Pumpkin)

Ugu (fluted pumpkin), has the botanical name Telfairia Occidentalis. It is a tropical vine grown in West Africa. This is an indigenous vegetable crop in Africa. It is also called fluted pumpkin. Ugu plant is cultivated mainly for its leaves. It is a major part of African delicacy. The commercial cultivation of Ugu is so lucrative as Ugu vegetables are short term cash flow that require little or no capital to cultivate.

They are edible when boiled or cooked with foods. It can also be taken as a vegetable salad or as juice when mashed as fresh leaves and the juice extracted. It contains calcium, iron, potassium, and manganese. It also provides a good amount of vitamin C, A, B2, and E.

Ugu Famers Association

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Ugu Famers Association

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Ugu Famers Association

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Our Story

UGU FARMERS ASSOCIATION aims to help people all over the world benefit from Ugu farming. The UGU FARMERS ASSOCIATION, which was established on the 11th of May 2020, is registered with CAC, SMEDAN and NEPC. The  association runs a cooperative society which every member belongs to. For membership, one is expected to be at least eighteen years of age. 


We ensure to use healthy, current and appropriate methods of farming Ugu.

Fresh & Healthy

It is healthy as it contains calcium, potassium and provides good amounts of vitamin C, A, B2, and E.

100% Organic

Ugu Vegetable is 100% organic, the tender leaves and the immature seeds are cooked and consumed as vegetables.

Our Farm

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Natural. Sustainable.


Ugu farmers association has courses that will provide vast knowledge in UGU FARMING.

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What People Say
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With the Marketing tool, we always know what percent of our crop we’ve sold, what our price is on the average, where it's got to get delivered, and basis. With ugu farmers association everything's right at our fingertips, and we know at a glance exactly where we're sitting. "
ogadinma Saviour
As a seasoned farmer, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of finding good farmer mentors for individuals looking for an agricultural education. The experience gained from the association through working a season on functional farm can propel a new farmer further and faster than any other model I’ve witnessed.
Fatima Ahmed
ugu farmers association offers the best training services by offering educational opportunities, off farm events, and practical support for both farmers and nonfarmers! We are looking forward to collaborating again next season!
Adebayo Johnson

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