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We are an organization that aims at reducing joblessness by assisting current and potential Ugu farmers to produce massively and earn handsomely.

Our Story

UGU FARMERS ASSOCIATION aims to help people benefit from Ugu farming. The UGU FARMERS ASSOCIATION, which was established on the 11th of May 2020, is registered with CAC,SMEDAN and NEPC.

The  association runs a cooperative society which every member belongs to. For membership, one is expected to be at least eighteen years of age. A membership fee of five thousand naira is paid by every intending member. This covers:

  1. The Constitution.
  2. The membership/cooperative card.
  3. The ugu farming handbook/manual.
  4. The identification card.
  5. Annual Dues (for the year in view).

The association was formed due to the following:

    1. Most people take ugu for granted, everyone needs to be enlightened about the usefulness of ugu.
    2. Most ugu farmers are not aware of the current and best practices of growing ugu.
    3. Most people don’t know that the most profitable and healthiest vegetable is ugu.
    4. Youth restiveness, joblessness and poverty can be greatly reduced through ugu cultivation.
Ugu Famers Association
We Have One Goal

wealth creation and alleviation
of poverty through self sustenance

Ugu farming happens to be one of the easiest agricultural ventures, and is always in high demand all year round. It is by far, the most consumed vegetable of any kind in Nigeria. An acre size Ugu farm is capable of turning in above N3,000,000 and it will take you less than N1,800,000 to cultivate one acre farm of Ugu.

Apart from cooking, Ugu  has been known to increase the volume of the red blood cells when consumed fresh, without being cooked. Its blood enhancing nutrients give it the ability to expand the volume of your blood at a very short time after consumption. This and other important benefits makes Ugu to be in high demand. 

Ugu Famers Association

Anyone who can cultivate Ugu, is absolutely going to make good money selling it and can be cultivated in every part of Nigeria due to its adaptability to the Nigerian soil and climate condition.

Cultivating Ugu (vegetables) could be very easy ranging from land clearing, tilling, bed making, fertilizer application and watering when necessary.

If you could raise a small garden then you could do ugu farming too. It’s not much of a stress especially with farming consultants like us .

UGU FARMERS ASSOCIATION aims to help people benefit from Ugu farming. Come try out Ugu farming today and see how happy you will be.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce joblessness by aiding current and potential Ugu farmers to produce massively and earn handsomely. 

Ugu is the most consumed indigenous vegetable in Nigeria. It is the component of  many African delicacies. As a result of research efforts, small and large scale production have increased in recent years. Research shows that Ugu is now internationally known and highly demanded across the world. Research shows that it is now a component of fresh & dry produce export and can be found in African markets and stores across the world.

this proves that Ugu farming can help provide job opportunities and improve the standard of living of millions of people who are interested in taking part or starting the business. Anyone ( farmer, non-farmer, or cooperatives can start up ugu farming wether there  is farmland or not, as long as there is space.

That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to help individuals earn a living and improve their standard of living with UGU FARMING.

Our services

We at Ugu Farmers Association aim at encouraging both Ugu farmers and non Ugu famers to invest in Ugu farming as it helps improve one’s standard of living.

The benefits are as follows;

  • We train individuals or group of individuals on the best practices on Ugu Farming.
  • We train farmers on how to export Ugu and Ugu related Products.
  • We enlighten farmers and non farmers on other uses of Ugu.
  • We create employment through Ugu farming.
  • We create markets for Ugu & Ugu related Products.
  • We provide funds for start-up and expansion.
  • We create wealth through Ugu Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Limited.

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Back to agriculture

     No matter how far one has gone in the wrong direction, the most appropriate thing to do is to turn. There was a time when one of our former leaders declared and I quote, “Our problem (in Nigeria) is not how to make money but how to spend it. ” This happened when we were relying on agriculture/farming. Ever since we flung out farming through the window and started running after oil (petroleum), our fortune nose-dived.

     Until our standard of living rises to a level where we will all embrace farming as ‘the remedy’, we shall pitiably remain hostages to our very own fabricated tragedies.

Terhemen Aondoakaa

General Coordinator
(Executive President)

our Team

Anyanwu Stella

Egwim Odinaka

Iortim Jacob

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